How CYR Funding Saves You Time and Money

In the world of mortgages and financing, you come across a wide variety of clients, situations and transactions. Some are fairly straightforward while others can get quite involved and complicated. The more complicated your transaction is, the more important it is to have a seasoned, experienced professional on your side.

Ray Adair is famously noted for saying “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” This statement is true whether you are looking for someone to fix your car, do your taxes or assist you in getting financing for a real estate transaction.

There are many mortgage brokers out there with varying degrees of experience and areas of specialization. Choose the wrong one, and your transaction could cost more and take weeks longer than it needs to – that is, if it goes through at all.

Case in point:

Recently, a client came to CYR because he was having problems with a complicated commercial real estate deal. Prior to approaching us, he had been working with an enthusiastic, yet less experienced agent. While he may have been good-intentioned, his original agent simply didn’t have the expertise that this particular type of deal required. Time passed, and the agent soon realized that he was in over his head. At this point, the agent really should have been upfront with the client but that is not what he did. Instead, the agent stopped following up with the client. In short, the agent dropped the ball.

Meanwhile, the client was left wondering what was going on with his real estate deal. It was a frustrating time for his business because projects that depended on the real estate deal were severely delayed.

Precious time was lost and the client spent several weeks waiting while his business was left in limbo. It is hard to say how much money this cost the client in terms of lost opportunities. One thing is certain however, working with a less experienced agent turned out to be very expensive.

Things did not turn around for this client until he came to CYR. Once he came to us, one of our financing experts had the deal done and signed within ONE hour! Once all was said and done, the client wondered why he had not dealt with CYR from the very beginning. If the client had not come to CYR, who knows how much longer he would have been left waiting. He might have ended up losing the real estate deal altogether which would have been quite damaging to his business.

At CYR, we have handled thousands of complicated commercial real estate deals over the last 40 years. Our experience is second to none which is why we are one of the go-to alternative lending specialists in the GTA.

Whether you require financing for land acquisition, construction, or servicing; whether you require a first or second mortgage or refinancing; we have the expertise you need to get the job done. Call us today at 905-731-1111.

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